She's not looking for mainstream commercial success, but rather touching people's hearts and staying authentic, that's the true quality of today” - Helge Van Dyk



Meet Tutu, also known as Fatma Mirza, a 28-year-old Omani artist who explores diverse music genres, fusing experimental alternative and pop sounds to craft unique and captivating songs. Influenced by her South Asian/Arab heritage and Western music upbringing, Tutu collaborates with Swiss producer Helge Van Dyk on an album that seamlessly blends East and West. Using modern techniques, the project reflects Tutu's journey of self-exploration and roots discovery.
"7 Spirits" is the debut album of Omani musician Tutu, a collaboration celebrating the fusion of traditional and modern music. Dive into "Tutustan," an exploration of Tutu's innermost thoughts and feelings, sharing her accumulated knowledge and experiences as she enters her late 20s. The album delves into the challenges of being an artist in the Middle East, embracing themes of freedom, expression, authenticity, and self-love. Each song unfolds a unique story, incorporating traditional drums, Arabic oud, and elements of funk/rock with electric guitar, bass, and modern drums.
Tutu's lyrics and songs cater to the upcoming young generations, performed with genuine spirit.